Step by Step Checkpoint CCSA Lab Setup (UniNets Lab).

This article will show you how to configure Checkpoint CCSA lab on UniNets Platform
Smart Architecture
Smart Architecture is composed of three tiers or three components
Smart Console: Client on an admin machine (The Smart Console apps are the GUI clients that allow you to manage Security Management Server and Security Gateways).
Smart Center Server Security Management Server that stores policy and allows you to create policy objects, policy objects, etc.
Smart Security Gateway: Firewall (Firewalls control traffic between internal and external networks. They are the heart of a strong network security policy).
Steps to get into our lab
To register, click on the sign up button
You will need to provide basic information such as your name, mobile number, email id, and password in order to sign up.
Enter valid code for your country and 10 digits mobile numbers.
For example, if your mobile no. If your mobile number is +65XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, then +65 is the country code. To make it a 10-digit number, you can add 2 zeros to the number’s beginning. 00XXXXXXXX
After you have completed the sign up process, you can log in with your registered phone number or password.
After you log in, you’ll see a dialog box that contains labs for different courses.
Your timer starts as soon as your lab is operational, like the Checkpoint CCSA lab.

The following is what you will see in the Checkpoint CCSA lab.
DC-5M is used for Management servers
DC-5G is used to secure gateways
Window Server is used to create Active Directory servers or when users want to access firewalls.
The DMG Server is the Internal client.
The External Client
BR-Client can be used as a branch office
BR-5G is used to protect branch offices. It will access resources via firewall.

To begin working on the devices, you must first power on the device that you wish to use. Once you are done, turn off the power source. You can also delete the previous configuration by right clicking on each device. This will allow the devices to return to their default settings.
Your workbook is also necessary for the operation of your task. To do this, you will need to log in to
You will need to go to my courses to view your workbooks. You can then operate your lab according to the task given in your Checkpoint CCSA Workbook.
For example, you are assigned the task of configuring security management server (SMS) hostname SM and IP-address to management Interface After that, you took GUI from management interface with default credential to complete configuration.
To return to our lab, we need to log in to our management server. Double-click on the management server to open the configuration window. Login first to start operating the management server. You will need to enter your username, password, and email address.
You can use the command i.e. to change your device’s host name. Set Hostname, then the name that you wish to assign. Set Hostname SM for example. To save the configuration, run the command ‘Save Config’
We now need to assign IP address to this device so that it can be managed via a web console. To assign IP address to this device, run the command Set interface eth0
Where, eth0 can be used to define an internal zone or your management interface by default.
The command is Set interface.eth0 ipv4 address
Set interface eth0 ipv4-address mask length 24
If you wish to verify that the IP address has been defined, run the command show interface eth0 then enter. You will now be able see the IP address that has been set.
You can also save the configuration by running the command save config. Next, you can access the management IP via a web console. This will do it.

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