Review of Chpokify Scrum Poker

Chpokify is your essential tool for sprint planning. The planning poker(r), element was what I focused on, but the tool does much more.
Continue reading to learn how it can help your agile team achieve their sprint goals through better planning, estimation, and planning.

What is Chpokify?
Planning poker: How to get started
Choosing card decks
Adding tasks
Let the estimation begin
Keeping the team on task
Reviewing the session: What teams participate in scrum poker?

Other essentials for the scrum team toolboxKanban boards

Advantages of Chpokify
Chpokify’s Disadvantages
Is Chpokify right to you?

Product: Chpokify
Cost and plans: A free account allows you to add 10 users and one team. There are limited features. The Enterprise, Pro, and Team plans allow for more users, more teams, and more features like video calls and custom interfaces. Annually billed at $11 per person for 3 teams/15 users
Hosting model: Cloud only
Languages: The interface can be accessed in English or Russian
Summary of Chpokify: Chpokify is a virtual tool that allows you to plan poker and agile estimating in a virtual setting. It’s fun and easy to create team estimates, discuss backlogs, and agree on goals. Chpokify is an alternative to you ever tried to estimate as a team with some of you around a screen, others remote, or using tools where only the Scrum Master can see what’s happening and you’re voting from your mobile phone?
Chpokify makes sprint estimation easy by allowing you to share your experience with others.
What is Chpokify?
Chpokify is an online tool that allows you to quickly estimate your needs using the planning poker game.
Scrum poker, a method of creating team-approved estimates of items in the backlog, is a good way to get started if you don’t know how this method of estimating works. Each user story is assigned a team member who chooses the estimate that best reflects their views of the work’s complexity or timeframe. These can then be combined or discussed to create an estimate for planning purposes.
Facilitating a conversation about workload and estimating the sprint is all that’s important.
The team should have a clear understanding of the work involved in each story at the end. This planning effort can be time-boxed (if desired) to ensure that the team doesn’t get lost in multiple discussions/planning cycles without ever reaching the actual estimate.
Planning poker: How to get started
Chpokify does not require any configuration or set-up. It is ready to use immediately after you log in, unless you want it to be integrated into Jira.
The interface is simple and clean. Even though I have never used poker estimation before I felt it was simple and I knew what I needed to do.
Create a new session by adding a title, description, and then adding people. You can choose which teams will be participating in the session. If you need to add another team, you can also do this from the menu options. It will remember the settings from the last session so that you can quickly set up another session if you have similar agile meetings.
Next, choose the members. Invite people to chpokify together the tasks (yes, they use “chpokify” as a verb). Invite anyone you wish: They don’t need to create an account. They can join as guests using a one-time link. I thought that was smart.
It is easy to navigate the workspace desktop
There are many card decks. You can choose from:
Modified Fibonacci
Ideal days

This should give agile teams enough options to choose from to meet their needs.
Each deck includes a Question Mark card to ask questions and a Coffee Cup for pointing out that things have gotten a bit stale.
You can also create custom decks of cards (but not with the free plan).
There are many card decks available at Chpokify.

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