PMP Exam Changes – Why you should take the exam now

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The PMP(r), exam will be changing on January 2, 2021. Here’s your Public Service Announcement.
You have plenty of time to become a PMP certified before the exam changes.
It takes between 8-12 weeks to prepare for the exam comfortably. If you are dedicated and ready to put in the effort, you can squeeze in the exam.
Why bother?
Because the changes to exam content outline are more radical that we’ve ever seen. It’s almost like a completely new set of standards. It will be possible to be assessed against 3 domains, instead of the 10 knowledge areas currently in place. And that’s just the beginning.
It’s better. It’s a more holistic approach to managing projects. But it’s very, very different. There aren’t many training companies that offer exam prep materials for this course.
This is also a huge one…
I believe that learning under the new scheme is going to be more expensive.
Official PMP training providers won’t be able provide on-demand PMP prep courses. video learning. All of it will be instructor-led online classes.
(If you’re wondering how I know this, I spend a lot time researching stuff for you. You can look at the R.E.P. You’ll find the same information on the PMI website.
It’s easy to see that live classes are more expensive than video courses, which allow you to sell the same materials repeatedly once they are created. This is because I teach live classes as well as have video courses available for sale (not PMP prep stuff but other classes and the economic principles are the exact same).
My assumptions are:
It will be more difficult to fit PMP exam prep courses into your daily life, as you will have to attend classes live.

They will be more expensive as they will be run in real-time with’real instructors’.

They will also be more applicable to managing a project in real life, so it is not all bad news.
You can now decide if you want to take the PMP exam.
I get asked a lot about my preferred PMP training courses, so I’ll tell them I’m an affiliate for The PM PrepCast. This is a comprehensive PMP exam prep video on demand self-study option. It’s very affordable and the exam simulator has some the best reviews in industry.
Highly recommendedThe PM PrepCast$279This self directed PMP Exam course has high ratings. It can be accessed from any device, including a smartphone or tablet. It has been updated to reflect the current PMP Exam.

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Buy NowRead our ReviewWe are proud to be affiliates of The Project Management PrepCast #ad. The bottom line is that if you want a proven study path to the PMP, you should get started as soon as possible. If you want to see how training industry reacts to the changes, and to be a guinea-pig for any new courses they create for a completely new exam experience. Then sit back and hope that the first six months of 2021 aren’t a complete disaster.
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