Part 2: 2020 Project Management

Part 1 is available here.
The video starts:
Welcome back to video 2 in my training series 2020 Project Management. My name is Elizabeth Harrin and I am the founder of Project Management Rebels. You can also find me on A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.
This video will discuss confidence at work. But, I’m going to show you how it helps you be more present for your team and do a better job as a project manager. Your project team and you owe it to your work to be confident in your work.
In video 1 we talked about skills, and thatwas intended to help you save time working out where to spend your professionaldevelopment effort. If you haven’t already seen it, please go back and see it now, and then return to this video!
Today, I will continue to build on the lessons we have already learned by talking about people. Confident projectmanagement comes down to being ableto do the people stuff. We’ll be discussing some of the more difficult people issues at work today. This will help you get on track to leading your project the way I know.
Today we have a lot of information to cover so make sure you have some paper and a pen handy to take notes and follow the discussion.
It is not easy to communicate with people.
Your sponsor doesn’t have the time to help you, your team doesn’t seem to be taking responsibility for their tasks, and everything isn’t completed on time. Also, your stakeholders aren’t in agreement about what the project should deliver. People are hard!
If you’ve ever been in similar situations, you know you’re not the only one! It’s completely normal. It’s completely normal. However, you can’t allow the behavior of others or yourself to get in your way of being able deliver your project on time and in a low-stress manner. Low stress means that no one is trying to be a hero or get things done until midnight. Low stress means that the work is planned, completed on time, everyone knows their job and you are making steady progress.
This is why we’re going super practical and talking about people in this video. Are you ready to get in on the action?
Partial transcript ends.
You can watch the training video!

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