New Training: Developing for Azure Storage

This intermediate training video, which consists of 27 videos, covers the knowledge that SPOTO trainer Knox Hutchinson has on Azure Storage. It enables developers to create code that integrates seamlessly with Azure Storage, optimizes database usage, and can automatically create, read, update, and delete tables.
This Azure Storage training is available.
Microsoft’s cloud-based services for building, testing and deploying applications and services are as powerful as they are complex. You have a lot to learn about the many services Microsoft bundles into Azure. Learning to Develop for Azure Storage is essential if you need to access, use, or manipulate storage.
This four-part series covers topics like creating, reading and updating data via API, implementing partitioning schemes and addressing transient states in code.
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Azure Table Storage Solutions
Azure Cosmos DB is used to develop apps
Azure SQL Databases are used to develop apps
Develop Azure Blob Storage Solutions

Although this training does not lead to certification, it is still valuable skills training for Azure developers who want to learn cloud storage resources.
This training covers the following topics:
Download Blobs from Your Web App
Create a Free Azure SQL Database
Listing Blobs in Your ASP.NET Core Web Application
Blob Storage, Containers, or Blobs
Blob Storage in Mind: Developing with Blob Storage

This training includes:
Training for 3 hours
27 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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