Gantt chart software is ideal for modern classrooms

You thought that gantt chart software such as TeamGantt was only for project managers in fancy boardrooms? We invite you to take a second look. TeamGantt’s goal is to make our product more accessible to today’s busy classroom. TeamGantt is the ideal educational tool for teaching project management or guiding students through their project.
Some Instructor Benefits
Account holders have easy access to students and their work through their accounts
Collaborative environment. You can see real-time changes and engage students with you or each other with helpful features such as the conversation tab
A history tab that tracks student gantt chart modifications. This allows instructors to quantify student engagement, and gain insight into their students’ thought processes as the project develops.
It is great for organizing and planning class content, as well as your syllabus.
Fast and responsive support Get classroom-specific advice on how to use TeamGantt with students. Your students can also get support.
Special pricing for instructors is available
Some Student Benefits
Remote access allows students to update their gantt charts on any computer with internet connection. Ideal for homework and instruction in class!
Application and real-world use. Students can access the most up-to-date project management software used by thousands of companies to manage critical projects
Intuitive user interface. It is ideal for college courses, early education, and all other educational purposes.
Educational project management resources at and webinars ( to onboard students. (Live demos are available upon request).
Are you an instructor interested in TeamGantt for your class? Using your work-place provided email address, email us at [email protected] to learn more about special pricing for instructors and how TeamGantt can be leveraged in the classroom.
The easiest way to create a project plan
In just 10 minutes, you can create a beautiful project plan. You can switch between gantt and calendar views with a single click.
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