Gantt Chart Inspo: Holiday Event Planning, Griswold-Style

I don’t know if you’re aware, but this time of the year, my calendar is filled with family gatherings, parties, and office celebrations.
You have a lot of details to manage if organizing an event is on the holiday to-do-list. We thought we would show you how to organize an event in TeamGantt, with a little inspiration from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
Use a gantt charts to plan your holiday event
The Griswold family Christmas is the most iconic holiday gathering. Clark’s holiday goals are a great example of the benefits of a Gantt Chart.
Imagine how things would have turned out if Clark had taken the time to plan his family’s holiday. This might have been his gantt chart:
Let’s take a look at the components of the gantt chart and see how we can apply these tips to our holiday event planning.
Decorations and setup for an event
Glimmering lights and the scent of fresh pine are two things that inspire a festive spirit. The Griswolds are a delight!
This example shows how we divided the Decorations task group into two subgroups. It makes it easy to scan through the to-do list. To highlight key events in your gantt chart, milestones can be used.
The Griswolds might have had a more successful hunt for the perfect tree if they had taken the time to create a quick supply list. It’s easy with TeamGantt’s handy checklist feature!
Activities and entertainment
You want to give your guests the chance to have some holiday fun? You can track everything in a gantt charts, whether you are setting up a gingerbread house or booking musicians for your event.
Here’s how Clark might be able to find his family’s old-fashioned fun:
You can add milestones to help you make important decisions and get approvals. You can also add any unforeseen tasks or events to your plan in case they arise.
Assignments for rooms
A gantt chart is a great way to track room assignments and holiday fun if you can’t keep it in one room.
This idea was given a try by the Griswolds, who added a Guest Accommodations task team. This way, everyone is on the same page (though not necessarily happy) about sleeping arrangements and lengths of stay.
Menu planning
Food and drink are the foundation of any holiday party. Make a list of holiday menu items and assign each dish to a task.
You can either make the menu yourself or invite your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up for a dish.
List out all the ingredients that you will need to make your holiday dish. Use TeamGantt’s mobile application to check your grocery list while you shop!
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