Do I have to spend $2000 to become PMP certified?

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Before you spend money on any PMP training, make sure you are well informed. Knowledge is power. There are tons of resources available to help you get to the bottom of the water before you jump in.
I will use this opportunity to offer some tips and point you towards resources I have created in the past to help you navigate the maze.
Recently, I answered some questions that prompted this post.
Hi Josh
Thank you so much. I appreciate your time to write back to my personally. I was close to signing up for a boot camp that would have cost me more than $2,000. I thought that the 35 contact hours training can only be done in person and not online. It made sense to go through a bootcamp that certifies you for the 35 hours required to sit in an exam. This fits perfectly into my busy life. Again, thank you for the advice.
Sometimes it takes me a while to answer questions. I am so glad that I did. I don’t recommend boot camps. I think too much money and too much emphasis on memorization is a mistake.
As for the 35 contact hours, you can get that online via the training I used myself and now promote as an affiliate: there are other options and some people prefer self-study with books, but this is what I used myself and recommend.
Free PMP Coaching/Guide
This is what you need to know (notice the second headline “No Boot Camps”) LOL
Documenting your experience
This is the question I answered. The application process is the most difficult part of the entire process.
I put together a template I used to organize my own experience:
All About Audits
I recommend you read this (and the comments too)
If you have any questions, you can always send me an email and I’ll answer you as soon as possible.
For the benefit of everyone, feel free to post questions in the comments.

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