Difference between Scrum Master and Project Manager

Sometimes a traditional project manager may need to work with a Scrum master. This could be in a large company with an agile team or working with an agency or vendor with an agile team. They have very different roles when it comes to Scrum Master and project manager. It is important to know what these roles are, how and how they work together.
Scrum Master vs Project Manager
What is a Scrum Master?
The Scrum Master is responsible for leading a Scrum team and the planning and implementation the Scrum framework. They facilitate Scrum-specific events such as sprint planning, review, retrospective, and review. They are responsible for helping people to understand and embrace Scrum principles, practices, and values. They help the product owner manage the product backlog and coach the team.
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What is a Project Manager?
A project manager is a business professional that manages projects as an employee or consultant for the company. They are independent of the industry or company they work for and manage projects, including the scope of business requirements and resources. They also manage the team’s management down to the individual levels.
This role involves understanding the project scope and managing the budget. It also includes assessing risk, monitoring the budget, ensuring quality deliverables and sourcing and approval of resources to complete the project. The project manager role also includes planning and collaborating with stakeholders, leadership and other project managers. Regular interviews are required to report on the progress of the project. Project managers have many responsibilities and a broad role.
How these roles work together in a project
Both the Scrum Master and project manager have different responsibilities, but they share many similarities. The project manager manages time and negotiates details with clients, stakeholders, and project leaders. The Scrum Master acts as an agile expert, coach-consultant, and servant-leader for their technical team.
Both have night and daily roles and both work independently to coach their teams and remove obstacles and impediments that can slow down progress. When it is time for development and testing, the roles are combined and tracked to release or launch.
Tips for Project Managers who Work with Scrum Masters
Let Scrum Masters know as quickly as possible when development is about to begin so they can be included during a sprint.
To keep the project on track, meet weekly to discuss the status of the project and review both the overall timelines and sprint calendar. Plan to cover all aspects of application development, including the last.
You should be familiar with Jira so that you can follow the tickets that interest you and not have to ask the Scrum Masters for the status of a ticket.
Focus on driving dependencies outside of the App Dev teams.
To minimize interruptions, it is important to understand the sprint commitment. It locks in the work for 2 weeks. You should not ask for a change or prioritize one thing over the other. This is for the next sprint.
Ask questions!
Tips for Scrum Masters working with Project Managers
Coaching each other is a great way to get along the right track! You will meet one-on-one throughout the project to discuss details and resources and strengthen your working relationship.
Transparency about resource availability and potential — especially when it changes.
Loop the project manager to discuss when Scrum ceremonies and other events are held, delayed, or changed, as well as what sprint features are scheduled for discussion.
Access to and by sharing

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