Checkpoint Firewall Certifications: A Brief Description

What is Check Point Certification?
The Check Point certification system currently is in transition from R77 and R80. CCSA, CCSE and CCSM are the levels for R80. Because of confusion between the Pearson Vue and Checkpoint websites, candidates who wish to pursue Check Point certifications should specialize in the R80 exams.
About Check Point Certified Security Manager R80 (CCSAR80)
The Check Point Certified Security Agent (CCSA) R80 certification was designed for IT professionals with a basic understanding Check Point execution. This certification is the lowest on the Check Point certification pathway and covers many security administration tasks related to Check Point software and hardware.
CCSA R80 certification validates aspirants’ knowledge of these Check Point topics.
Administrator Task Implementation
Basic Concepts of VPN
Check Point Technology Overview
Translate Network Addresses
Managing user access
Security Policy Management
Traffic Monitoring
ClusterXL: Working with us
Learn how to:
To build objects, settings, rules, and layout a security policy,
Install R80 management and security gateways in a distributed environment
Collaborate with multiple administrators to create permission profiles
Configure a Virtual Private Network to work with Check Point Clustering
You can do it!
Revise existing security policies and access them
Allow users to access corporate LANs
Implement Check Point backup techniques
Monitor suspicious network activities and analyze attacks
Protect your network from threats
Troubleshoot network connections
Required exam: Gaining the CCSA R80 certification needs qualifying one exam — CCSA R80 (Exam 156-215.80).Prerequisites: None.
About Check Point Certified Security Expert R80 – CCSE R80
The CCSE R80 certification was designed for IT professionals who are proficient in Windows and UNIX servers and have a solid understanding of Check Point system support. Candidates should be able to test, build, and troubleshoot different deployment scenarios.
The Check Point Certified Security professional certification will allow the IT professional to configure firewalls, VPNs, gateways, and content security software.
The CCSE R80 certification validates the aspirant’s knowledge and skills in Check Point content:
Check Point Technology Overview
Configuring VPN Tunnels
Security Policies and Deployment Platforms
Implementing Identity Awareness
Monitoring Traffic and Connections
Translate Network Addresses
Security Administration Problems: How to Solve It
User Management and Authentication
Required exam: Gaining the CCSE R80 certification requires qualifying one exam — CCSE R80 (Exam 156-315.80).Prerequisites: Prior to attempting this certification, aspirant must earn the CCSA R80 certification. Even if they have the CCSA R77 certification, aspirants must pass the CCSA R80 exam.
About Check Point Certified Master R80 – CCSM R80
IT professionals with the highest level of expertise in the implementation and management of Check Point products and technologies are eligible to obtain the CCSM R80 certification. The exam covers advanced topics such as commands, troubleshooting NAT and configuration of VPN tunnels. Candidates should be able to handle common deployment scenarios and apply common troubleshooting techniques.
The CCSM R80 certification validates the aspirant’s knowledge and skills in Check Point content:
ClusterXL Debug File
Commands at Check Point
Deployment of IPv6
Network Address Translation (NAT).
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
Policy Changes for Security Implementations
Secure Internal Communications
UGI Client Connectivity
VPN Tunnel Interfaces
Requirement exam: To obtain the CCSM R80 certificate, you must pass one exam — CCSM R80. (Exam 156-115.80).

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