A former U.S. Representative weighs in on retention [VIDEO]

Reading Time: < 1 minuteHannah Freilich Student retention is more than just the institution. Empowered learners not only have the potential to grow professionally and personally, but they also create stronger communities that will lead to better outcomes for everyone. Some policymakers have made it a career to support strategies that better serve students. George Miller, the former Chair of the House Education and Workforce Committee said that retention is about success and ensuring students can thrive from day one. Dedicated to Expanding Educational Access Miller was a member of Congress for 40 years. He authored many landmark pieces of legislation that improved educational opportunities for all Americans. After Miller's retirement, President Obama recognized his contributions and stated, "Because his tireless efforts, the air and water are cleaner, workers' rights are better protected and more young people can afford college. More working families can make ends meets." His time in Congress is over, but his commitment to expanding educational opportunities and access for all students is not over. Miller joined Cengage in 2015 as a Senior Education Advisor, where he continues to champion student achievement. Retention is as important as ever We met with him to discuss the state of higher education. Below, you can see his perspective on retention. Learn more about our solutions to student retention

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