The AZ-204 Certification is a great way to advance your career.

Coding is a great skill to have in 2022, due to the many extensions and applications available. There are many courses available for those who have explored cloud platforms and want to work professionally with Microsoft. You can prepare for the AZ-204 Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certificate and earn it. This certification is a great way to get started in the world of Azure.
Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Scope:
The AZ-204 certification has a key advantage: it prepares you to take on multiple roles. As an Azure Developer Associate, you are qualified to perform any of these roles and many more.
SSAS Developer
Junior Cloud Developer
Azure Developer
Prerequisites for the AZ-204 Exam:
Candidates who apply for the AZ204 certification need to have at least 1-2 years experience in development and Microsoft Azure. You must also have programming skills in any language that Azure supports. You will also need to have a solid understanding of APIs, app authorization, authentication, SDKs and debugging, performance tuning and container deployment.
Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 Exam Overview:
The AZ-204 exam can be a strong start towards a secure career and professional life that offers new earning and growth opportunities. The AZ-204 exam is the exam for Azure Developer Associate certification. It consists of 40-60 questions that are MCQs formatted. All questions must be answered in either 180 minutes or three hours.
The Reasons to Choose the AZ204 Certification for Your Career
1. Azure has a stronger foundation and knowledge base
While there are many developers who use.NET to develop, they don’t have enough knowledge of Azure. If this sounds like you, then the AZ-204 certification is for you. You will gain a better understanding of Azure and its functions. You will also learn about the aspects of coding that work best with Azure than other platforms, and how to apply them to Azure.
The AZ-204 certification is for developers who want to improve their Azure skills and knowledge. This credential will allow you to apply for positions that require these skills once you have it. These jobs can pay high salaries.
2. Validates your skills and boosts your career:
A developer or coder who works in Azure will have a strong background and technical skills. An official Microsoft certification will show your employer that Microsoft has recognized your skills and quality standards. You can also learn skills that you didn’t know you needed in your current job.
3. Your career as an Azure Professional will be enhanced
The AZ-204 credential can also help you advance your career. This code opens up many new opportunities for you, both in terms of career and salary. This code will transform you from an amateur programmer to a professional programmer. Through the AZ204 training program, you can gain highly acclaimed and internationally recognized programming skills. Even if you don’t pass the certification exam, these skills will be of great benefit to you in your current job. Regardless of whether you pass the exam or not, the AZ-204 certification training program will equip you with the skills you need.
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The AZ-204 Training Covers These Topics:
The AZ-204 certification is not an easy one to obtain, just like any other Microsoft certification. Without proper training, you cannot expect to pass the exam in one sitting. This training course covers a wide range concepts, each with a different weightage. Each of these concepts has been broken down into modules.

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