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QR Codes for Business Marketing and Personal Invitations or Greeting Cards
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are not just for business anymore. Add excitement, action and videos by adding QR codes to invitations, announcements and greeting cards. How do you do that? The QR code, when scanned by a Smartphone with barcode scanning software (free on all SmartPhones), immediately connects to online content such as web pages, YouTube videos or a Facebook page. You’ll be the talk of the town when you connect your traditional birth announcements photo and text with a video message from the proud mom & dad! See videoPostcard Marketing for Your Business with QR Codes
Connect traditional marketing materials, such as postcards, directly to online videos or web pages by using Quick Response (QR) Codes. Imagine how much more powerful your marketing message will be when you combine the impact of direct mail postcards with the power of social media and videos. Examples of QR Code Marketing
1. Connect to a product video
2. Provide contact information such as name, address, phone, website, email etc.
3. Detailed product information from the retailer or manufacturer’s website.
4. Special offers and discounts
5. Targeted messaging with personalized urlsHow Does Social Media Tie Into QR Codes and Postcard Marketing?
Facebook is the world’s largest photo sharing and video sharing service. Many businesses large and small already have a Facebook page or shares videos on YouTube. The process is not only fast and easy but free. An example might be a real estate broker that sends a postcard to either a targeted neighborhood or to their own prospect list and includes a QR Code on the postcard. The recipient could scan the QR code and be taken to a Facebook page where the user could view photos of a house or a video tour with a shared video and then could post comments back for friends and family to review. Of course the agent could also connect back to their own website and home tours.
QR Codes for Business Marketing

QR Codes for Invitations and Greeting Cards

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