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QR Codes
QR Codes for Invitations and Greeting Cards QR Codes for Invitations and Greeting Cards
Scan the QR code with your smartphone or click the link here for video Scan or Click here
A QR Code is a two dimensional barcode that when scanned by a smart phone with QR Code or Barcode reader software (barcode or QR Code reader software is a FREE download for all smart phones), immediately connects that smart phone to a website, video, contact information, Facebook page or other online content.
Add a QR codeSelect a greeting card or invitation designSelect layout template in Flash editing tool. Any picture box can be used for the QR codeCreate QR code, then drag and drop into the picture box of your choice.
(Create your OWN QR code in the P&I editing tool)Examples of Layout Options
Here are examples of layout options for one card. Many options are available.
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Photo Cards Generate QR Code
Generating a QR Code is easy. Select the type of information you would like to encode, such as a website address, vcard, YouTube video, Facebook page, etc., type in the url and click the Generate QR Code button and it instantly uploads into the picture tray of the card editing tool on www.postcardsandinvitations.com.
QR Code Reader
All smart phones have the capability to read QR Codes. All smart phones have FREE downloadable QR code or Barcode reading software. Check your phones App Store for free software and download to your phone.
Read A QR Code
Open the QR code scanner software, hover the phone above the QR code until it automatically focuses and captures the code. Click to open the online content. See video.
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