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QR Codes
QR Codes for Business Marketing QR Codes for Business MarketingQR Codes for Business
Add a QR code to any of your business marketing communications such as direct mail or postcards for added excitement, information and higher response rates. Use the QR code to send your customers to a YouTube video with a product video or a personal message from the company to provide a unique interactive experience. Take customers directly to a product demonstration video for that extra punch to make a sale. See VideoSend customers directly to an information page with detailed product descriptions, features and benefits so that they can more easily make a purchase decision.1. Select your postcard or invitation design or upload your own design. Then determine what online content and destination (URL) to send your recipients to.
2. Create your QR code BEFORE you begin to edit your card. A link to the QR Code generator can be found on each cards individual product description page.
3. Add the QR code while you are creating your invitations, announcements and postcards. Watch Video
Choose Your Business Postcard or Invitations from the following categories.Postcards Direct Mail Marketing
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Business Holiday Cards Christmas InvitationsTop 5 Things to Love About a QR Code Marketing Campaign1. QR Codes are Free. Free to generate the code, free to read, free barcode reader software, free to print, free to connect to your own website, YouTube, Facebook or other online social media sites.
2. Connect to existing content. No need to create new content when you can direct your customers and prospects to existing photos, videos or web pages.
3. Inexpensive to use. Use a low cost (yet powerful marketing tool) postcard to direct them to your advanced information on your website.
4. Fast. Create your card, add a QR code to our templates specifically designed for QR code campaigns (takes less than a minute to generate and add your code), and we print and mail the next business day.
5. Easy to create. We have sample text for helping your customers use the QR codes, templates for your design, “How To” videos and even suggestions for your artwork (use company or trade association approved photos and text)How to Create and Read QR Codes
QR codes are a great way to bring live action to your direct mail marketing campaigns and to bridge the gap between offline and online content.Generate a QR Code
Postcards and Invitations has a simple QR Code generator. Type in the information, which can be a variety of personal or business information ranging from contact information to videos, Facebook or Linkedin pages. The QR code maker will generate a link to a website and may be the Home Page for a business website or a YouTube video or Facebook page. See video for the qr code generator or go directly to Generate a QR Code.QR Code Reader
All Smartphone’s, including Androids and iPhones have the capability to read QR Codes and other barcodes. Some newer phones come with the application already installed. Barcode scanner or QR Code decoder software is among the most popular applications for Smartphones and is Free to download. Easily downloaded and simple to use.1. Open the qr code scanner software
2. Hover the phone above the QR code until it automatically focuses and captures the code
3. Click to open the destination online content. See Video.
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