New Training: Setting up a Base Configuration to Support Cisco Devices

This 15-video entry-level training course by SPOTO trainers Jeremy Cioara & Keith Barker focuses on the knowledge and skills required for network administrators to create base configurations for Cisco devices. It primarily focuses on preparing application-centric infrastructures.
This Cisco training is available.
Network configuration and maintenance are evolving away from broad, application-agnostic networks to more custom-made networks for specific applications. A base configuration is a crucial step in preparing Cisco devices to support an ACI. This Cisco-focused training will ensure that your skills are up to date with the latest generation of networking.
These are the two skills that make up this training:
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Start trainingCreate Base Configuration for Cisco Devices
Create a Base Configuration to Support Cisco Devices Hands on Lab

This two-part series covers networking basics such as understanding the role of a base configuration in Cisco ACI topology, negotiating Cisco ACI Fabric Discovery and base configurations, as well as using Cisco Network Insights for troubleshooting configurations.
Review of Create a Base Configuration for Cisco Devices
Lab for Configuring and Verifying Interfaces, IP Addresses, and Other Tests
Configure DNS and Router Interfaces
Implementation of Telnet and SSH
Configuring Device Identification (Hostname, Banner)

This training covers the following topics:
This training includes:
2 hours of training
15 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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Learn Cisco routing and switching now.
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