Launch of the PMI’s New Media Council

PMI decided that it needed a New Media Council. I am one of seven “influential voice” (yes, they actually called us that!) They have brought together experts in online project management. It is encouraging to see that a professional organization is beginning to embrace Web 2.0 and new media. PMI recently appointed an Online Strategy & Content manager to oversee as well as the online direction of PMI. In the old days, Webmasters were required for companies. It seems that this role is changing.
PMI is actually very forward-looking. As far as I know, the Association for Project Management does not have anyone who is interested in this. Their website is also quite dire. The British Computer Society also recently appointed a Social Media Executive. He is a very nice guy who has started to send me some useful information. Professional bodies are realizing the need to reach potential members through other media than their printed newsletters. This is one of the goals of the New Media Council.
The council’s main purpose is to make it easier for PMI to communicate with people who are interested in learning more about project management via the internet. We also have access to information about PMI, its initiatives, and can share that information with our readers. I believe that the Value of Project Management study will be the biggest push for PMI at the moment. I’m sure that that will feature heavily. If I had spent so many years researching, I would want to make sure I spoke about it often.
The council consisted of seven members who met virtually with PMI people yesterday via a conference call that covered every time zone in the US and my own on both sides of the pond. We will be able to meet in person at the PMI Global Congress in Denver on Saturday.
Yep – Denver. It’s been a while since I was in the States. Well, January. I’m looking forward to Hershey’s Kisses and Victoria’s Secret, the bookshops and Reese’s peanut Butter cups. I also look forward to the chance to discuss serious topics in project management and to hear the keynote speakers at PMI Congress. Yes.
If you’re going to the event, please stop by and say hello. I’ll be the one with the British accent and wearing the wrong clothes for the weather. What is Denver’s weather like this time of the year? I’ll make it a priority to find out about this before packing my suitcase.

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