Job Opportunities After Red Hat RHCSA Certification?

RHCSA Certification (Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator) is a good place to start if you are looking for authority in the role of system administrator in a reputable organization. This certification requires you to have a solid understanding and expertise in Linux systems using Red Hat methodologies. The Red Hat Certification will teach you everything about security management, server administration, shell commands, managing users, and setting passwords.
RHCSA Skills
Using an authenticated directory, you can manage users and groups.
Managing security, firewalls, and SELinux configuration
Software installations and maintenance.
Configuring file system attributes in terms encryption, permissions and other.
Operational running system techniques for booting into different levels and starting and stopping virtual machines.
Configuring local storage with partitions and logical volume
You can also pursue RHCSA certification to further your career as a system administrator in Linux systems. There are many opportunities for IT professionals in the top IT organizations. You can implement Red Hat Technology to manage servers, security, storage, and other aspects of Linux systems Enterprise at the highest levels and have the skills and experience to do this consistently over a long period of time.
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After RHCSA Certification, there are job opportunities
As a Linux System Administrator, you can expect to start your career as a Linux System Administrator. With time, you can easily move up to more important and valuable roles within the company. You can easily rise to the top in your field by gaining enough experience and growing your Linux skills.
Once you have the credentials, you can easily fit in to the roles of:
Linux System Administrator
Administrator of Systems
Linux Systems Engineer
Linux Support Systems Engineer
Senior Systems Administrator
1- Linux System Administrator
The average salary for a Linux System Administrator in India is Rs 353,359 per annum.
Top recruiters include IBM, TCS and HCL, Wipro, Accenture, and Wipro.
Key skills: MySQL and Linux, shell scripting; Apache HTTP Server, Python.
2-System Administrator
The average salary for a Systems Administrator in India is Rs 345,204 per annum.
Wipro, TCS and IBM are some of the top recruiters.
Key skills: Windows operating system, Linux and virtualization, Internet information server, VMware ESX, and other.
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