Is PMP(r) worth it? Five things you should know.

You may be wondering if the PMP(r), as a Project Manager, is worth it. Also, how can a PMP(r), benefit you.
The Project Management Professional (PMP(r),) is the most widely recognized industry-recognized certification available for project managers.
This is because worldwide companies trust the PMP(r).
Maybe you are satisfied with your current job and want to climb the career ladder.
Perhaps you are looking to change your career and enter a new industry.
The PMP(r), regardless of your career goals, can help you achieve them.
What can a PMP(r), certification do?
The PMP(r), a highly sought-after certification, is one such.
This certification is recognized in many industries.
It is industry-specific and has a high value for employers.
What is the PMP(r), exactly?
The Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the governing body behind PMP(r), encourages all qualified candidates apply for Project Management Professional (PMP(r).
The PMP(r), the most highly paid IT certification, is a constant and expected to continue growing in salary.
It has financial benefits as well as improving your job security.
A PMP(r), certification can help you keep your job in a downturn because companies value the core competencies that the PMP (r) certification brings.
1. Opportunities for networking
The PMP(r), which has over 2.9 million PMI members around the world, is your gateway into a strong professional community.
This global community includes 774,000 PMP(r), certified holders around the world.
You become part of a select group of highly-qualified professionals when you join the PMI.
The PMI hosts regular networking opportunities for its members in major cities around the world.
These events provide new job opportunities for PMI members who value the PMP(r). These events are also used by the PMI to advertise these jobs.
PMI members and PMP(r), holders can register for workshops at these events to earn the required Professional Development Units.
These PDU’s are essential in keeping the PMP(r), certification valid. They are required every three year.
These events are not the only ones that matter. There are also online and offline communities that can help you build professional networks.
The PMP(r), Networking, PDU’s is the PMP(r), worth it2. Improved reputation
A survey found that PMP(r), certified managers manage and direct 80% high-performing projects.
Project performance is also affected by a PMP(r). Over 35% of PMP(r), certified project managers demonstrate high-value project performance.
You may still be wondering if the PMP(r), is worth it. The PMP(r), is recognized across multiple industries and geographies.
It is a formalized display your professional abilities and demonstrates your personal drive for furthering your credentials, knowledge and professional abilities.
A PMP(r), certification can help you win more business and contracts.
Project managers must adhere to the PMP(r). No matter what industry they work in, PMP(r), accreditation proves that they meet the PMP(r).
Document all projects that you have completed as part of your application. Why is this important?
These documents are not only required for certification, but also the PMI audits approximately 5 to 25% of applicants.
What does this mean to a company? This ensures that the PMP(r), certification process is rigorous. Employers can be confident that managers with a PMP (r) certification are upholding a high standard.
This is great news for hiring mangers. Interviewing and assessing applicants can take time and resources. Employers can easily filter candidates and shortlist PMP (r) certified managers by looking for a trusted brand.
3. You might already be able to meet the qualification

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