Is PMP certification required for existing project managers?

Is PMP certification required for existing project managers?

Multiple opinions exist about the value of a PMP (Project Management Professionals) certification for existing project managers. Some people consider it relevant, while others do not. It is important to remember that the global project management landscape changes constantly, even though there are many perspectives. MNC’s that are undergoing rapid growth plans are always looking for project managers who can deliver the best results and reduce costs. Companies expect their project managers to be able to understand and master the principles of project management. The PMP Certification is the toolkit that allows aspiring and current project managers to become project heroes.
Highlights of the PMP Certification
You can get a PMP certification from an acclaimed institute.
You can find lucrative career opportunities in a competitive global market by putting your name forward

Your PMP Certification is your greatest asset, regardless of which industry you choose.

Learn the skills necessary to understand global project management language and deliver exceptional performance

In your professional field, achieve a mark of distinction

Is PMP necessary for project managers who are already in charge?
There is always room to improve your knowledge and skills. Project managers who are already certified PMP will reap the benefits of this certification. They can combine their academic knowledge with their experience to become a competent project manager who can tackle any project’s inherent challenges head-on and create new operational modalities.

Key Benefits of PMP Certification

Fine tunes your PM expertise
You must pass an exam to become a PMP certified. This exam assesses your ability to manage five core project management processes: initiating, planning and implementing, managing, closing, controlling, closing and closing. This assessment is for both new and experienced Project Managers. It helps them to improve their skills and generate innovative ideas that can be saved as best practices in project management.

This gives you an edge over other performers
A PMP Certification will make you stand out from the rest of your colleagues in your current company or potential employers looking to hire you. This certification will allow you to demonstrate your PM skills and provide the credentials to prove it. It also allows you to show your PM experience, core competencies, and education to direct or lead a project.

This will increase your salary and allow you to apply for global jobs
Companies are looking for PM professionals who have been trained and have experience. A PMP certified candidate can negotiate a higher salary than those without the certification. A PMP certified candidate can also be more likely to land challenging, rewarding and enterprising job profiles under top international brands while job hunting.

Who needs a PMP certification
The training can be beneficial to anyone who is responsible for managing corporate projects. Project managers are strongly advised to obtain a PMP certification. This training can be beneficial for all levels of professionals, including team leaders and process engineers. Six Sigma can also benefit from the benefits for other quality control specialists, product advisors, business analysts, C level executives, and IT/IS professionals. The training module will help employees who are involved in ongoing projects to learn the methods they can use to deliver the project.

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