How To Use Responsive Email Templates For Email Marketing

The swiftly growing popularity of mobile devices has ignited a lifelong spark in the mobile revolution. Usage of mobile phones have increased rapidly across the world. Today, people spend more time in browsing the internet and viewing emails on their Smartphones than laptops and desktops.

Every day, we are greeted with emails that intent sale of a product or updates related to the product. You might have received some visually appealing emails that lack compatibility with mobile devices making it difficult for you to view them on your Smartphone. Responsive email templates are the ultimate solution to this problem. But, the question is what exactly responsive email is! Here is the simplest answer. Responsive email is an email that recognizes the device’s screen & size and renders appropriate email layout.

Here is a list of few things that should be considered while designing responsive templates:

    • Do not exceed 600 pixels for the template width.
    • Decide the pre-header and be creative in your approach. Use the top-left area of email template to depict the subject of email.
    • Since, all the email clients do not display images by default. Always use minimum images in your email and avoid it for the headings.
    • Use bold fonts to highlight headings and grab client’s attention.
    • Utilize readily available system fonts in order to minimize display errors.
    • Take special care about the font sizes or you will end up screwing up the layout. Get into the habit of setting a 13 point font size by default.
    • It is good to wrap the email content within two tables for better efficiency.
    • The size of buttons should not be less than 44×44 pixels. The smaller size buttons can be clicked poorly on mobile devices.
    • It is wiser to use inline CSS to code the templates rather than external CSS.
  • Do not use Java Scripts as its usage is not allowed in emails.

Benefits Of Responsive Email Templates In Email Marketing:

    • With responsive templates, you do not need to come up with different email templates for distinct devices. Responsive email automatically adjusts itself to the surroundings regardless of the screen size or device, on which it is being viewed. A single email template works well with all the screen sizes saving a lot of efforts and time.

    • This advanced technology makes your emails look perfect on the reader’s screen. Responsive templates ensure faster processing of columns, graphics, multiple text fields, while increasing the usability for the reader. This help you improve your brand image and provide optimal user experience.

  • Better reader experience with clean and nice looking templates. An effective email template displays the links and buttons clearly that easily grab the readers’ attention and thus, results in higher click-rates. This drives more visitors to your site and increases your sales.


The responsive technology is growing faster and we cannot ignore the fact that a large number of emails are accessed through the mobile devices every day. Thus, it is essential to create responsive email templates that fit well on small screens and test it for compatibility before sending it to the clients.

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