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Blue Prism understands the importance of a high-quality certification program in order to maintain the standards required for enterprise RPA delivery. There are many tools available in the RPA market. The Blue Prism is the only tool that can support a virtual workforce powered entirely by software robots. This tool is vital to any enterprise in order to automate any business responsibility and make it cost-effective and efficient. We will be discussing the details of the Blue Prism Install Engineer exam in detail in this article. The Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification Exam tests a candidate’s understanding and perception of how each Blue Prism architectural element should be used and configured for a successful implementation. The blue prism credential can be extremely beneficial for one’s professional and personal development.
Exam Details
The Blue Prism Installation Engineer certification offers many benefits. To become a certified Installer, one must pass the Installing and Configuring Blue Prism Environment Exams. These exams are applicable to Blue Prism v5.0 (AIE01) or v6.0 (AIE02). These exams are valid for life and certification is granted upon passing them. Let’s now discuss the benefits of taking this exam.
First, every sector requires professionals. This certification will help the candidate get ahead of all the other aspiring programmers.
Companies involving Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, etc. Blue Prism is a method to automate the operation. This gives the candidate the opportunity to work with a variety of companies.
Blue Prism Installation Engineers are paid more than their non-certified counterparts.
The Blue Prism Installation Engineer Certification can be affirmed anywhere in the world. This certification gives applicants an advantage if they need help moving across the globe.
Let’s now move on to the format of this exam!
Exam Format
Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam code is AIE02. There are 45 multiple-choice and multi-response questions that will randomly be selected from a pool.
The candidate will then have 60 minutes to pass their exam.
To pass the Blue Prism Installation Engineer exam, one must score 70%. Additionally, Pass with merit – 80%, Pass without distinction – 90%
The exam can be registered at Pearson VUE. The Blue Prism exam cost will be USD 150. The exam is only available in English. To register for an exam please go to
Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam Outline
This is done to assist candidates in preparing for the exam by identifying specific topics that could be tested.
General Component Knowledge
Next, Configuring Application Servers
Configuring Runtime Resources
Also, Configuring Interactive Clients
Configuring a Blue Prism Database
Configuring the Login Agent
The exam covers the following broad areas:
The component architecture and the implementation options
Then, manage user access via Active Directory integration
Secure storage and management of access tokens is also possible
Database maintenance and provisioning are also possible
Windows and application authentication
How can you prepare for the Blue Prism Installation Engineer Exam.
We have collected some valuable learning resources to help you prepare for the Blue Prism Install Engineer exam.
Set up an exam date
A deadline is the best motivator. If the candidate is serious about passing the Blue Prism Install Engineer Exam, don’t delay. Register now and get ready to pass the exam. Set a date

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