Guide for Agency Project Management and Digital Project Manager Guide

Agency’s today are looking for digital project managers to streamline all activities, deliver projects faster, and outperform their competition.
Digital project management is in high demand. Did you know that the average salary for a digital project manager is $63,174 in the United States? You can make it even higher if you have more experience.
Digital marketing project managers and digital producers are highly sought after by creative agencies because of the increasing need for efficient time and resource management.
What is digitalproject management?
There are many projects that a digital agency must complete in digital marketing. There are many types of projects, from creating a website to launching an app on mobile devices. Digital projectmanagement is essential to ensure that these projects are completed on time and within budget.
This means that someone needs to plan, allocate, track, and review all activities. Although many agencies use projectmanagement software today, someone still needsto be in charge of managing everything. Digital project managers are here to help.
Digital project management can be a great asset to your creative agency.
Let’s now dive into the reasons why a creative agency should use digital project management.
1. How to create project plans, timelines, and budgets
As soon as an account manager completes the initial meeting withclients, digital project managers create project plans to ensure smoothdeliverability.
For example, a digital project manager will set up timelines for tasks related to a new social media project.
Audit of all social media presences of the client – 22 July
26th July – New content creation for platforms
Agency content, Ai30th July: Client approval
Uploading and scheduling content (content calendar), – 5 August
This helps everyone in the team know what they must do. This gives them a complete picture of the team and the deliverables that they must meet.
The digital project manager will make sure that everyone meets the deadlines. They will ask for status updates and ensure that all teams are aligned with one another. The copywriter, for example, creates micro-content for the community manager on time.
They also ensure that all tasks are completed within the budget.
2. They help to remove roadblocks, solve issues and manage resources.
Digital project management is about streamlining processes at your creative agency. Problems can arise when there are three to four people working on a project. For example, if an agency is trying to reach bloggers for its client, chances will be they won’t be able manage the responses from the different blogs regarding costs and rules for posting content.
One of the most important lessons in blogger outreach is organization. In this case, a digital manager can help the team manage everything on a Google Sheet or task management software such as Asana.
A digital project manager is able to see the whole agency from every perspective. They can also help teams by assigning more resources or asking for more time from clients.
3. Quality assurance
Digital project managers are successful because they have experience in digital marketing. This means that they can check the quality of the deliverables before they send it to the client.
A digital project manager can check whether the emails are properly optimized, the fonts are loading correctly, and if the colors match their brand guidelines.
It improves the quality of work that is delivered to clients.
4. Deep knowledge in project management
Contrary to an acc

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