Giving Your Loved One a Show For Their Special Day

Birthdays come and go every year, finding many gift-givers at a loss for providing their loved ones with something new, creative, and enjoyable, as part of efforts to make each and every one memorable. Often, certain gifts come to be expected, rather taken for granted, such as a nice dinner out, a movie, a small (or large) trip taken, and surprises seem to fall by the wayside. Busy schedules and appointment filled days make surprises and specially arranged gifts all the more rare and special, and so much more appreciated by those who receive them. Perhaps your loved one has a favorite celebrity or musical performer that would bring a smile to their face and a gleam to their eyes if surprised with an appearance or specially arranged performance. Of course, who can afford a true celebrity to make a dinner table stop-off, but a look-alike appearance or singing telegram would be enjoyable and almost as good; providing your loved one with a memorable birthday or other special occasion that won’t soon be forgotten!

Of course, a birthday is not the only occasion that could warrant such a special performance or surprise. Undoubtedly, your honey would melt provided an unexpected performance of the song you two first danced to or consider “your song”. An anniversary dinner date would be like no other with a singularly special serenade. If your spouse or mate doesn’t like the attention a public performance would surely bring, a house visit could be arranged and could surely help provide that extra spark and sizzle to spice up a special anniversary evening at home. Another occasion that is great for a¬†singing telegrams¬†performance is a retirement party. The guest of honor will be delighted to hear songs from his or her heyday, perhaps from the year they started at the company, and the right performer can really ham it up; embarrassing the honoree is usually the occasion at a retirement party, and an entertaining singing telegram performance would surely provide that opportunity. Watching your honored coworker’s face turn bright red as he or she is made the center of attention will be entertaining in and of itself, so the camera had better be at the ready to capture those funny shots and secure the memories.

Try one and you will find that singing telegrams never fail to entertain and are always in fashion. A special occasion motivating an exciting and spontaneous performance will be made all the more memorable for all lucky enough to be on hand to experience the fun!

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