Get your project started with the OnlinePMcourses FastStart Program

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The Fast Start Program is a project management training program that will accelerate your progress to project management success. This training course from A Dr Mike Clayton of OnlinePMcourses is for professionals and managers who want to feel confident in taking on small or medium-sized projects.
About the Project ManageraEUR(tm), Fast Start Program
This is an online course that IaEUR(tm), have completed myself (although I havenaEUR[tm]t finished all of the modules yet).
ItaEUR(tm), which has bite-sized lessons, and the templates and handouts that can be downloaded at convenient points where they relate to the lesson are both great features. ItaEUR(tm), is intuitively designed and easy to use.
Mike created this video especially for this article. He talks about whataEUR ™ is in the box. ItaEUR(tm), I think, is a great way for you to see what you actually get (and itaEUR[tm]s more than just video lessons).

Benefits of the Fast Start Program
The Project ManageraEUR(tm), Fast Start Program offers you:
It’s the equivalent of a full day of live training
3 PMI PDUs (because itaEUR(tm),s always helpful)
More than 25 videos
Podcast versions available if you prefer to hear the material.
Over 30 worksheets
More than 10 templates
Additional bonus materials (glossary and additional articles)

Mike is a real person, which is the greatest benefit! You can ask Mike any questions you may have about the material you are learning. HeaEUR(tm), will get back to your question. This is a huge advantage that not many online courses offer. The course fee alone is worth it if you want to have easy access to a professional trainer in project management and an expert author.
You can try the free 4-part video course Project Management Fundamentals if you aren’t sure if online training is right. Even if your level is not at the Fundamentals level, this course will give you an overview of online training, introduce Mike, and help you decide if the teaching style and materials appeal to you.
You can read my complete review of OnlinePMcourses here and Mike’s offer here.

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