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Continue reading to learn more about Microsoft’s MCSE certification. Learn how the courses can help you become certified, the career opportunities it opens up for you, and what it means being an MCSE certified professional in today’s competitive world. This page is for people who are looking to advance in their careers.
What is MCSE?
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification is an expert level certification. It is a part of MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification programs taken by professionals to validate their expertise on some of the most popularMicrosoftproducts and services.
“MCSE Certification validates professionals’ proficiency in configuring, installing, and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Server-based network systems.”
The prerequisites are that you must pass the MCSA certification exams for your chosen MCSE track. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), is an entry-level Microsoft certification. To earn the MCSE in your chosen area, you will need to pass additional exams.
What will you get?
Obtaining MCSE Certification will open up a lot of possibilities for you. You can learn advanced skills that will help you make a lasting impact on your company’s business by enrolling in Koeinig’s MCSE Programs.
Microsoft Certification is an honor badge. This certification will give you an edge over your peers and colleagues and increase your competitive advantage. Professionals can use the MCSE certification to apply for jobs around the world.
Proficiency and Advanced Skills
Let’s take a look at what you can do once you have completed the MCSE certification course. You will also be able:
Construct and design server infrastructure solutions
Create a private Cloud solution
Manage enterprise apps and devices
Cloud infrastructures for enterprise deployment and maintenance
Business intelligence solutions designed for an enterprise
You will be able to manage critical tasks and make a significant business impact within an organization if you have the skills mentioned above. MCSE Certification also validates that a professional can perform and manage a variety critical IT operations using Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint and Windows Server.
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High-growth opportunities
23% of Microsoft-certified technologists reported receiving a raise up to 20% after obtaining their certification. Certified employees are often given the responsibility of supervising their peers, which puts them on the fast track to an appraisal and promotion.
A majority of hiring managers prefer candidates who have a certification in addition to basic education requirements. Your resume will also be more visible on LinkedIn and you will get more search exposure.

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