Get ahead of the curve: The most important hiring requirements for AWS talent

It feels like we spent the majority of 2020 and 2021 discussing ‘unprecedented Times’. But, there is no escaping the fact that hiring is a real challenge for companies in the current ecosystem.
Due to a combination of skills shortages as well as a competitive talent market, employees find themselves in a unique position whereby they can demand flexible work-perks that suit their changing working habits and new lifestyles. They also have many other options if they feel they don’t have any opportunities with their current or potential employer.
Organizations need to understand the needs of AWS professionals in order to stand out from their competition when they are looking for new talent. While most employees are motivated by money, it is not impossible to see how the culture and work strategies of a company can be equally attractive to potential candidates. The Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide AWS Edition is a great way to get to grips about what really matters.
It’s a comprehensive study of the AWS community, compiled from responses from nearly 48,000 data points and nearly AWS professionals worldwide. This is not a general survey of tech workers, it’s the experts that work directly with your digital infrastructure.
It provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape, which includes platform trends and job satisfaction. This is a valuable resource for both employers and employees. It’s a great way to learn about the personalities of AWS professionals and to make sure that you are able to stand out to potential employees. It’s a way for candidates to compare what their employer offers and how they can make you more valuable as AWS specialists.
The Careers and Hiring Guide can be used by anyone, regardless of their position in the AWS community. It provides valuable information about the trends in hiring.
Let’s begin with the bad news. The bottom line is hard to ignore: employees will always see the dollar amount on their paychecks as a clear indication of the company’s value to them. To succeed, you must meet these expectations not only to attract but also to keep talent. While it may save you a few pennies, you will end up spending more money if other companies take the talent.
Money matters. According to this year’s guide 58% of respondents have negotiated pay increases on their own. 45% of respondents cite a pay increase as a motivator to obtain AWS certifications. The most popular reason employees consider changing jobs is a lack of higher earnings. This is not a new concept, but it’s important that employees feel valued and are more productive if they feel valued.
This goes beyond money. There are many other reasons candidates will be interested in the job. Work needs to be valued, opinions must be heard, and your workforce deserves respect. It will help you to set the standard for a happy team and give you an edge in hiring and retaining the best employees.
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Let’s get started! Many employees felt the pandemic was a disaster.

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