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FAQ’s : Photo Christmas Cards : Christmas Party Invitations : PostCardsAndInvitations.com Postcardsandinvitations.com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you do not find the answer to your question here, visit our Contact Us page.Personalized Invitations, Greeting Cards & Postcards
Let your inner creative spirit out and test all of the cool card creation tools on the new Postcards and Invitations website. This unique blend of high quality templates, powerful customization tools and your imagination will allow you to create one of a kind, high quality greeting cards and marketing postcards. Embrace that creativity with the knowledge that a staff of professionals have your back and will answer any of your questions, review your work or even help you complete the design.
Postcardsandinvitations.com is unique with several different types of cards. We print most designs in the following formats. Postcards, photo cards, large folded cards, 5 x 7” invitations and folded note cards.
Not only are the formats unique but we also support camera phone photos, digital cameras and scanned photos from film cameras.
Our Greeting Postcards is a new term that we have coined that describes these new postcards. We have combined professionally designed greeting cards with a postcard format and added the ability to include your own personal photograph. Viola, an Postcardsandinvitations.com Greeting Postcard! These cards are inexpensive, colorful, easy to create and we’ll even mail them for you.
The Personal Photo Postcard is unique because you can use a professionally designed thematic border in conjunction with one or more personal photos and the opportunity to include other photos on the back of the card.Membership is Free!
Becoming a registered member of Postcardsandinvitations.com has its advantages. You will be able to store and manage all of your names and addresses in your address book, save all of your orders and even see exactly what card and what message you send to your friends, family and business associates. If you sign up for our newsletter you will also be eligible for our web only promotions and save money on some of your future orders. So, come on and register, it’s Free!5 GreatWays to Share Those Special Times With Family, Friends and Business Associates
What sizes are available?
4” x 6” postcards & direction cards
4” x 8” photo cards
5” x 7” invitations & announcements
5 ¾” 7 ¾” folded greeting cards
3 ¾” x 5 ½” folded note cardsHow much does it cost?
It all depends on what type, size and style of card you choose as well as the quantity. Please refer to our pricing chart for full details.Do you have a printed catalog?
Sorry, but no we do not. All of our products are available for viewing and ordering online.Who prints the card, you or me?
We do! Once you submit your order, we will print the next business day using a high quality, high speed color laser printer.Can I address my own envelopes?
Absolutely. Just choose the correct option on the pages after you have created your card. However, we can save you tons of time, effort and maybe even a little money by letting us address and mail your cards for you. Our address and mailing services are FREE! You just pay the price of the stamps!Are your cards printed in color or black and white?
We automatically print in full color on both sides of the card. However, you can choose a black & white, or sepia tone option, if you wish.What kind of paper do you use?
We use a premium high gloss paper for our postcards that is UV coated and is thicker and heavier than required by the US Postal service. We also offer a matte paper that is not UV coated for those who prefer a softer look.Is Postcardsandinvitations.com.com for consumers or businesses?
The Postcardsandinvitations.com site is for both consumers and businesses.Who do I call to discuss a companion site for our exclusive use?
Call John Welsh, 864-297-2771 or email him at [email protected] do I keep track of the cards I have ordered and who I have mailed them to?
In your account information, we list the title and picture of the card mailed, who it was sent to, and the date ordered and the text written on the card.Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes. Please refer to our Pricing section.What computer systems and browsers does Postcardsandinvitations.com support?
We support most operating systems but the user should use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher in order to get the best performance.Can I use your service if the cards are going to be mailed to Canada (or any other International address)?
For the near future, we will only deliver to US and Canadian addresses. Eventually, we will mail worldwide.How do I contact Customer Service?
You may contact Customer Service, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm Eastern time by calling 864-297-2771 or by contacting [email protected] You may also Fax us at 864-234-6643When will my credit card be charged.
Your credit card will be charged the day that your cards print and mail, generally meaning, the day after you place the order.Can I cancel my order?
Sure, but why would you? We have such beautiful cards it would be a shame to cancel the order. However, the real answer is that you must cancel before 9 am Eastern time, the day after you place your order. Since we print and ship the next business day, you really won’t have much time to cancel your order!Will I be notified that I have successfully placed my order?
Yes, you will be immediately notified by email that your order has been successfully placed and you will have a follow-up email once the cards have been printed and shipped or mailed.When will I receive my cards?
All cards are printed and shipped or mailed the next business day. It generally takes 2- 4 days if you use UPS ground shipping, depending on where you live (all cards are shipped from Kansas). For individually mailed cards, it generally takes 2-4 days for First Class Mail to arrive.Will I be notified that my order has been shipped or mailed?
Yes, once the order has been shipped to you, or after we have placed it in the US Postal Service mail stream, we will send you an email telling you that your order is on its way to you or your recipients.What if I don’t receive my cards?
Contact us at [email protected] or call Ginny at 864-297-2771 and we will attempt to track your cards or make other arrangements for you to receive your cards.Can I upload my list of names and addresses or do I enter them one at a time?
You may do either or both. We have an automated method to upload your address book or database and you may add to your list or mail to one name at a time.May I refer back to my order at a later date?
Yes, if you are a registered user you may review all of the cards and orders that you have placed.Is there any minimum order requirement?
You may order as few as one or as many as you want. There are no set up fees and all custom printing services are included. Is there any maximum order?
No. We have a nearly unlimited capacity to produce greeting cards and direct mail campaigns.Do you offer samples?
Yes, we encourage you to create one card exactly the way you want it to look, or even create several variations if you wish. The least expensive way to receive your sample is to have it mailed via the US Postal Service directly to you. We will charge you only for the exact quantity that you order.Where is Postcards and Invitations located.
Postcards and Invitations headquarters is located in South Carolina, but to serve you better, our print and mail facilities are located right in the heart of the country in KansasHow much does it cost for rush processing?
Nothing. Our standard turnaround time is the next business day.Can we get a printed proof?
Certainly. Simply purchase a single card, have it mailed to you via the US Postal Service or shipped to you via UPS.Can we get a digital proof?
Since all of our cards are printed digitally, the printed proof mentioned above is the same as a digital proof. In addition, in the ordering process, you will be able to “digitally proof” your card exactly as it will print by clicking on the Preview button in the card editor.How do I check my order status?
You will receive an email immediately upon completing your order. Your order will be processed and printed the next business day. For orders shipped, you will automatically receive a 2nd email with the shipping date and a UPS tracking number.Can I Re-order my products?
Yes,Can I make changes to my re-order items?
YesHow long does it take to receive a re-ordered item?
We print and ship the next business day, just as we do for the original orders.How do I create a Custom or Personalized Postcard, Invitation or Greeting Card?
Simply select either a blank template or a professionally designed card. The program will automatically take you to one of the most powerful and easy to use editing suites on the internet. If you know how to use a word processing program, you already know how to use these editing tools. The simple rule is, to make a change to any text, highlight the paragraph or sentence or even down to a single word or letter and then select the size, color and font. You can also select a background color for the text boxes to either compliment or contrast with the background art.Are there different layout options?
Yes, all cards have some layout options for the back of the cards. The fully designed Greeting Cards do not allow any editing on the front panel, however, all other cards have multiple template options. All card types have multiple options on the inside of folded cards and all have editing and photo options on the backs of all cards. Available templates automatically display to the right of the design.
To select a template, click on the iconic image and that template will automatically display.
Editing and Customization Options (Text options)
To access the editing tools, click inside the box you wish to edit and the menu of available options will automatically appear directly above that text box.
To edit or change fonts, highlight the selected text, change the font, size, font color, text box background color or text alignment.
Editing and Customization Options (Photo options)
To upload a photo, click inside of a photo box, which will bring up the Browse function to select a photo from your computer. You may upload multiple photos at the same time.
To access the editing tools, click on the photo you wish to edit and the menu of available options will automatically appear directly above that photo box. You can move your photo up or down, side to side, zoom in or out, rotate to a different angle, change the photo to black and white, sepia tone or change back to the original color version.
Can I schedule cards to be mailed on different dates in the future?
Yes. In the Addressing section, there is a calendar to select the Send Date for each card. All cards have a default mailing date of the next business day, but you may override the default by putting in your own mail date.
What is the difference between “Mailing” and “Shipping”?
“Mailing” is sending postcards and greeting cards through the US Postal Service. The way you already receive your cards and letters. Postage rates for this method are $.28 for postcards and $.44 for cards mailed in envelopes and generally takes 2 – 4 days, depending upon your location.
“Shipping” refers to shipping one or all of your cards back to you via UPS.
With this method, you will then have to hand deliver or address the cards by hand yourself.
Return and Refund Policy
We know that you will be happy with your cards from Postcards and Invitations and we support and stand behind the quality of our products. If you are in anyway unhappy with our products, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will exchange the cards or refund the purchase price. Because many of our products are personalized by our customers, we cannot accept returns based on customer errors, misspellings, design errors etc.
If Postcards and Invitations has made an error, please accept our apology and we will correct the error as quickly as possible. We will immediately replace your cards or issue you an immediate refund. If you are requesting a refund, we ask that you return the entire order to be eligible for a refund.

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