Eight random facts about me

Mike Ramm from Stop and Think tagged me for this meme back in August. Although I don’t know where it came from, the rules for the 8 Random Facts About Me meme can be found here:
Each player begins with 8 random facts/habits about himself that others don’t know.
Taggers must create their own blog and follow these rules.
After your 8 random facts post is complete, you will need to select 8 additional people and leave a message on their site indicating that they have been tag.

Here are some random facts.
I have four pairs emergency tights in my office drawer.
…and four pairs under my desk: cream summer sandals and trainers, black high heels, brown flats, and gym trainers.
Although I have owned two full-length mirrors in my life, I don’t currently own one. They were both lost in my many moves and neither one has made it to my new place. I bought the first mirror in New York and carried it home from the shop. I was stopped by a nun while crossing the road. I had to cross the road with the nun on one side and the mirror under my arm. It was a flattering mirror, so I’m sorry that I lost it. Therefore, I prefer lifts that have mirrors in them so I can see how I look before I go to meetings. However, I have become quite proficient at checking my appearance in shop windows.
I read the Post Secret book in one sitting.
I was supposed to attend a lecture on project management of the Docklands Light Railway extension in support of the 2012 Olympic Games, but I instead went shopping on Oxford Street.
I can’t recall a single year in which I worked in an office without a Dilbert Calendar, the oracle for project truth. Dilbert’s project is described as “a steaming heap of failure… like fifteen drunken monks with a puzzle.”
I also pinned up a Garfield cartoon I cut out of Metro in French. It’s a visual gag, so I won’t bother to explain it here.
Pad Thai noodles are my favorite Asian dish. Peanuts can enhance most dishes.
There aren’t many people who haven’t been tagged in this meme. I don’t know of any. Instead, I chose Laura, Frank, Frank, and Raven. This is approximately what most projects can achieve.

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