E-Postcards Marketing Vs Printed Postcards Marketing

Printed postcards are more attractive than e-postcards. E-Postcards marketing don’t make me feel special as it does feel with traditional printed Postcards marketing. E-Postcards marketing are less expensive, and they are easy to design because you don’t have to go out to haggle with printing companies about costs and designs. With only one click, you can send one mail to thousands of recipients.But the fact remain same e-postcards cannot attract a consumer attention as printed postcards.

Benefits of printed postcards:

A printed postcard can do several things that an e-postcard cannot. Let’s look at some benefits of the printed postcards:

Printed postcards last longer than e-postcards because it cannot be easily deleted. In the case, of e-postcard if you ever received any E-mail from unknown contact you instantly send it into the Trash. It’s easy, to put the E-postcard in the bin or might accidentally send them into Trash. However, with printed postcard consumer can retrieve message easily and realize that postcard is important for them.

With printed postcard marketing, you can carry different designs and format that are more personal. It looks personal only when consumers feel that the person who sent this card has spent lots of his time and effort; by going to postcard printing company and getting his nerves stretched to its limit to deliver specific terms to their target audience on specific time. This way, consumers can feel how special they are.

Printed postcard marketing allows you to send your message to the hand of recipients. On the other hand, consumers first have to visit the host site for E-postcard. What if your website didn’t work on the consumer internet server due to slow down or break down of server?

For printed postcards, your consumers don’t need to have electricity, internet or computer to read your message. Stay with traditional postcard marketing because your consumer may not have a keen interest with the use of computers. If you have designed a good postcard consumer can post it on a refrigerator or can be used as decoration material. They can actually see and feel the texture, design and quality but, this is not the case with E-postcards.

Using Postcard Marketing

This is what I think about Printed postcard marketing but it is up to you and your need to decide which method is good for you. Whatever way you choose, it is a great way to convey a message to your target audience. Use this marketing tool to inform everybody about your recent events and things.

Stan Coyle has 25 years experience in Direct Mail marketing. He has taught seminars from New York to London and has settled in Tampa, Florida for a semi-retirement of fishing and relaxation. Not being able to leave work alone, he contributes to the success of postcard marketing customers all over the U.S. with his work at SonicPrint.com.

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