I am a new PMstudent student and I’m developing my interest about Project Management.
I am currently involved in a task to identify potential deliverables for an alternative school program. This is a task that aims to help young people unleash their intelligence, positive energy, and rebuild their lives and communities through the program. Anybody have any ideas for possible deliverables?
The Alternative School Program is for young, low-income individuals between 18 and 25 years old. It allows them to earn a high school certificate and learn job skills such as building affordable housing for the homeless and low-income. Leadership and community service will be given a lot of importance.
Since I’m new to Project Management, and the term ‘Deliverable’ specifically, I’m asking what the deliverables for this project could/should/would look like. I want to know how to properly identify deliverables for my projects and how best to reach the deliverables.
I would also like to learn about the deliverables needed to establish an Alternative School Program. I will be starting a degree in Project Management next year, and would like to learn as soon as possible.
[Editor:? Aniekan, for taking the time to post to share his knowledge about project management, is a credit to me. This sounds like a great endeavor.
My first tip is to not get too caught up in terminology. If you have a boss, make sure you understand their initial goals. Based on these high-level goals, make a list of the things you will and won’t do as part of this project. This can be used as a preliminary scope statement. However, there are many ways to accomplish all these things.
What high-level tasks will you be writing in the form outputs, products or services? You may only need a few. Next, think about how they will be produced. Continue to break them down until you can manage and execute them.
You will likely find that some of your high-level items are deliverables for this project and others are things you created.
This is one way I found it easy to do it based on my limited understanding of your situation. There are many ways to approach it. However, I believe it is better to take a topic like this one step at time. It takes decades to become a great project manager.
Please share your knowledge with our new friend. Thanks!]

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