Complete Guide to Prepare for Microsoft SQL Certification

Microsoft SQL Server 2016, a cloud-based database, is equipped with innovative intelligence capabilities. With integrated operational analytics and in-memory performance, this mission-critical capability offers breakthrough capabilities. Microsoft SQL Server’s extensive security features ensure data security at rest and in motion. Businesses benefit from a variety of tools and addons for data warehousing and business intelligence. This is probably why every level of SQL certifications offer some type of database-related credentials.Organizations can get deeper insights into their data as well as advanced capabilities performing beyond business intelligence. They can run advanced analytics within their database and generate rich business insight on any device. Businesses can also benefit from the hyperscale cloud, which allows for all transactional data to be transferred to Microsoft Azure. This makes it possible to access data regardless of its size. SQL Server is a database platform that can be used to build hybrid cloud solutions. It also provides a platform for SQL Server. Microsoft certified professionals are needed to manage industry operations. A candidate can become a certified SQL Server Professional through SQL server training and certification. Microsoft offers many certifications that support Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Microsoft offers many certifications to support Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
Microsoft has several certificates for SQL Server 2016. Microsoft awards various certificates for SQL Server 2016.
MTA training prepares candidates for Exam 98-364. The course comprises 5 modules:Understanding Core Database Concepts
Create Database Objects
Manipulating Data
Data Storage
Administration of a Database
MTA is a relatively new technology certification that validates the fundamental knowledge needed to build a career in Microsoft SQL Server. This training is a good entry point to a better career. The course does not require any prerequisites.
This course prepares you to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. The course is divided into two levels: 1. Transact-SQL: Querying Data
This course introduces candidates and Transact-SQL. It is designed so that students can also take the exam 70-761. The course consists of 18 modules. Preparations: Both classroom training and self-study are available to help you prepare for the exam. Microsoft-led resources can be helpful. SQL Database Development
This course will teach you the skills and knowledge required to create a Microsoft SQL 2016 Database. The course focuses on teaching students how to use SQL Server 2016 tools to create a database. After passing the exam 70-762, you can become certified. There are 18 modules in total. The course prerequisites include: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system and its components

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