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A reputation for quality and service is well deserved for each of the businesses created by John & Ginny Welsh. Their newest endeavor, Postcards and (, is a blend of their business-to-business direct mail expertise and love of great graphic design.Direct mail expertise is surprisingly important in the greeting card and invitations industry. The vast majority of cards and invitations are mailed rather than hand delivered. John and Ginny’s knowledge of the best direct mail practices ensures each client superb results. With the innovative tools and templates available on their new site, small businesses and consumers have an unparalleled opportunity to customize and personalize cards and invitations sent to friends, relatives, customers and prospects.Customer service is even more important than providing state of the art tools; it’s all about making sure that the customer experience and the quality of the product meet or exceeds customers’ expectations. John and Ginny carefully review every card at each step of the ordering, printing and mailing processes. Their quality assurance process starts when the card is ordered online and finishes when the cards are delivered to the Post Office. Every card is reviewed for spelling errors, low-resolution photos, and design elements to make sure everything prints correctly. They also run continuous press checks for color fidelity.Postcards and offers extensive options for creating totally custom cards. As a famous old commercial sang it, you too can “have it your way” when you use your own images and photos in conjunction with their professionally designed cards and templates.John and Ginny have a great deal of experience in the graphic design and direct mail industries through founding Welsh + Associates (graphic design agency), Bank Direct (direct mail for major banks), (business to business direct mail website), (consumer greeting card website) and now (consumer and small business website for direct mail postcards, greeting cards and related materials).

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