Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 7E and Supervisor 7L E

The Catalyst 4500 Supervisor-7-E uplinks ports are available with either 1GE with SFP GBICs, or 10GE with SP+. In a redundant configuration, only two ports are active for each Supervisor. The physical ports should remain active even if a Supervisor is unable to supervise.

Catalyst 4500 Supervisor7-E and Supervisor7L–E ISSU Requirements

ISSU requires either the 4510R+E (or 4507R+E) chassis. Only RPR ISSU can be supported on the 4510R+E or 4507R+E (not ISSU). NOTICE: Supervisor7LE is not supported in the 4510R+E chassis
ISSU is not supported by the LAN Base Feature Set.
IOS XE Version 3.1.0 SG is the minimum version of IOS that supports ISSU. NOTE: IOS-XE. Version 3.2.0 XO on Supervisor7L–E.
The minimum ROMMON environment to support SSO and RPR on Supervisor Engine &-E’s Supervisor Engine & -E is 15.0 (1r)SG1.
It was found that the Configuration Register must be set to 0x2102 instead of the factory default 0x2101 to enable ISSU with a second image copied from bootflash. It is not logical to use a Configuration Register setting 0x2101 as a result of the ISSU purpose. Each supervisor must be reloaded in order to make a change.

Before a new Sup7E is put into service, it is recommended that the Configuration Register be changed to 0x2102 after installation and commissioning. This will make future software upgrades easier and allow the ISSU process to work.

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