Breaking News: Cisco Certification Exams Now Available Online (Online Test).

You can now take your Cisco certification exams online starting on 15 April 2020.
Covid-19 is an epidemic that we all face these days. We are all well aware of the fact that the situation is not under control. This is why people from schools, businesses, schools and government have no choice but to work remotely and maintain social distancing around the world.
We are all frustrated and confused about how to get back to the basics, but it’s only a lockdown. You can lock down cities, states, and countries, but not our passions, our dreams.
Uncondition your thoughts for once in your life. Your dreams are desperate to be free from the constraints that have bound you to your past. It is possible to improve your self-control in this quarantine without ever going outside. Profit from the situation and master the area you feel you are lacking.
Let’s also discuss the most recent and updated news from Cisco. It is no longer necessary to travel to centers to take your exam. Keep in mind the epidemic and Cisco certified communities have made it possible to take your Cisco certification written exams online starting yesterday, 15 April 2020.
Candidates who are looking to do something useful can now show their skills. It doesn’t matter when test centers reopen. The right time is already here. It is said that god opens many doors when he closes one door. They are helping us to realize our dreams through this ongoing epidemic.
You can now apply for your certification online. If your certification is due for renewal, they will remind you that all active certifications are extended for six months starting March 16, 2020. Register now and take your exam. Online testing is a great way to improve your IT skills and software skills. This is a critical opportunity for your company and your future.
You can register for the Cisco certification written exam at any time, 24 hours a days, 7 days a semaine or whenever you like. This is the best time to advance your career. You don’t have to visit the testing center in person. This is a difficult time. Be safe.
Many people are curious about testing centers. It is important to know that testing centers are also available if you cannot access the online option. You can always check the status of testing centres whenever you like.
We have maintained the same level of excellence and created a secure testing environment. Pearson VUE offers highly secure online testing.
Registering You can ensure that your Internet connection, device, and surroundings are safe for online testing by reading the terms and conditions.
To pass online testing, you will need to meet these prerequisites:
Software OnVUE
Quiet, private location
Webcam is a reliable device
Strong Internet connection
Government-issued identification
Prerequisites specific to each country apply.
After you have met the requirements, you can sign up for your Cisco certification exam. Register and select the option to take online tests. It’s the exact same process as before.
All written, proctored certification exams can now be taken online except for the following:
100-110 ENU Cent (Invitation Only).
352-001 ENU Cisco Certified Design Expert Qualific

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