Benefits of ISTQB Software Testing Certificate

The market for testing is vast and growing rapidly. You will need to take certification exams if you want to be a successful software tester. This will allow you to not only test your knowledge, but also help you learn new and advanced techniques.

Software testing certifications can be obtained in many different ways. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), is the most important of all modern certifications. The ISTQB software test certification is a great way to strengthen your resume. It is compiled by more than 100 industry experts with decades of experience in software testing. They also provide the guidelines and best practices based on that experience. Let’s take a closer look to see why it is so important.
Software testers will appreciate the ISTQB certification as it demonstrates your knowledge of best practices in various areas of Software Testing. It can help you advance your career and distinguish you from other candidates for Software Tester positions. Your interviewer will be impressed that you are a dedicated tester and have taken the time to learn more about testing.
From a company’s perspective, there are many benefits to hiring ISTQB certified Software Tester. Certified testers can reduce the number defects. Combining formal testing by certified personnel with pre-test defect removal activities can increase defect removal efficiency by up to 99% and reduce costs. It can also speed up delivery and reduce the timeframes. Modern business is dependent on time-to-market. ISTQB can also help organizations move to international standards. ISTQB is the global standard for software tester certification. There are currently approximately 400000 certified testers in almost 70 countries. Standardization also improves communication between business people and Software Test Engineers. ISTQB focuses primarily on the practical application of software testing that testers use every day and provides advanced techniques like risk based testing that can be extremely beneficial for any company.
ISTQB software tester certification is currently the most popular and fastest growing software tester certification. It offers many benefits to both the certificate holders and the companies that hire them.
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