Activecollab 4 – Still Going Strong

R & W Media is a Magento development and design agency. We have many small and large e-commerce projects. It’s a daunting task to manage them all. ActiveCollab makes project management easy. We started out managing projects and daily tasks using spreadsheets or email. As things got lost or forgotten, this made it very messy. We needed a system that could allow us to set up individual projects, break them down into smaller tasks, and assign each person to each task. Each member should be notified when tasks are assigned or changed. We also needed collaboration, time tracking, and an automated way of sending invoices to clients. ActiveCollab was the answer. ActiveCollab 4 can only be used by the company’s design, development, and account departments.
ActiveCollab will help you set up a Magento eCommerce project. The project manager would break the project down into phases. Each phase will be designated as a milestone in ActiveCollab. One milestone is not enough. Each phase is broken down into smaller tasks. We break down each phase into smaller tasks. Our team of developers, project managers, and designers begin to discuss the project with the client. All our notes are stored in the Notes section or here. We attach a quote to the project spec and share it with ActiveCollab. The client has direct access to the ActiveCollab project. Once the client has given their approval, we break down the project into phases and establish milestones. We concentrate on the tasks because these are the jobs we assign each designer and developer. Clients can review the designs and leave feedback once they are approved. The task label can be changed from ‘assigned’ to’review’ to make it easy for us track the progress of tasks. Once the client approves the designs, the task label is changed from ‘assigned’ to’review. Once the client has approved the designs, we change the task label from’review’ to ‘confirmed’. After all development tasks have been completed, the milestone shows 100% completion. We then send the site to the client for approval and raise our final invoice in ActiveCollab. This is automatically emailed the client. ActiveCollab also automatically sends payment reminders to the client, which is very helpful in chasing down payments. There is no need to manually import invoices from ActiveCollab into our accounting software.

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