9 of the Most Popular Methodologies for Project Management Made Simple

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A Hubstaff survey, which was conducted in 2021, has some important information about project management methods.
39% of companies surveyed in 2021 stated that they used hybrid project management practices.
Leaders and managers who are forward-thinking in project management don’t follow a single method. They learn to use many methods and how to combine them to meet the needs of any project.
My goal is to help you identify and implement the best methodologies in your practice to deliver projects efficiently in the digital age. This article will provide an overview of PM methodology, describe popular project management methods, real-world examples, and steps to help choose the right method.
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How do you define project methodology? ?
Different types of project management methods
How to Choose a Project Management Methodology
The Best Project Management Methodology for Agencies
9 Project Management Methodologies
Three Project Management Methodology Examples from Real Teams
Other Project Management Methodologies
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How do you define project methodology?
Let’s take a look at what a project management method is. This definition of the PMI project management methodology is useful:
A methodology is a set of practices, techniques and procedures that are used by people who work in a discipline.
Methodologies must be rooted in something fundamental that explains why we do things the way we do them. I suggest themes.
There are many ways project managers can deliver projects. These are, in general, our project management models. They apply different principles, themes frameworks, processes and standards to structure the way we deliver projects.
Different types of project management methods
We can see the differences in project management methods. They define a way to work.
Some project management methodologies only define principles, such as Agile. Some others define a “full-stack”, a framework of themes and principles that encompasses processes. Some standards include a long list of processes, such as the PMI methodology PMBOK. Others are more specific and define processes, such as Scrum.
Perhaps controversially, I prefer not to debate what’s a method to accomplish a project. Instead of using the broad (yes and mis)understanding PM methodologies to refer to simply the best practices frameworks we use to get it done.
To put it another way, I don’t believe a methodology must be a complete full-stack implement “system” to be considered a method.
It’s a useful and good definition. In reality, project managers use a variety of principles, themes and processes that are tailored to our clients and their projects.
Let’s be clear before we begin: there are many ways to manage projects, but there is no one “right” way.
The best methodology is the one that makes sense and is most appropriate for the project, team and client.
Let’s start by looking at some of the most popular methods for project management and learn some valuable tips for delivering digital projects.
How do I actually use these methods?
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