7 Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter for Next Job Application

Have you ever wondered if a cover letter can increase your chances of getting interview calls? It is true. The cover letter is what recruiters see. After you have narrowed down the positions you are interested in applying for, and have your resume ready, the next step is to create a compelling cover letter.
Do not get confused about what to write on a cover letter. This is basically a short introduction about you to your reader, who is usually the recruiter. A catchy cover letter will make you stand out and increase your chances of landing the job. If your cover letter is not unique among the hundreds of other applications they receive for each job posting, they might not read it. These are some tips to improve your cover letter that I learned from experience and a few tips from good friends.
Never use the same cover letter for every job. This is the most important rule, as each job profile has unique needs. Even though the title may be the same, no two job profiles are alike. It must be relevant to the job you are applying for as well as the company. You should take the time to write a cover letter for each job you are applying for. It is not a good idea to apply for multiple jobs with the same cover letters.
This is your first impression of you. Make sure it is formal with a professional greeting. Keep it to one page. It is important to proofread it before you send it out. It should be original.
Include the name of the recruiter who will be reading your cover letter. It is possible to find it in the job description. It gives the impression that this is a personal letter and not a generic cover letter sent to everyone. You should not mention the general title of “HR manager” and “Recruiter”.
A headline or tagline that highlights your company’s position can be used. It will grab the reader’s attention.
Next, explain about your skill set. This is where you present yourself and give them a brief description of your skills. Mention the qualities that will add more value to their company, and how excited you are about this new opportunity.
Use keywords. Use keywords. Match the job description with your job profile. This gives them assurance that the work you have done in the past is comparable to theirs.
Last but not least, let them know how you can reach them and that you are interested to hear back from them.
Once you are satisfied about your cover letter, make sure to check out the different ways of sending it and follow the steps. These tips will increase your chances of getting an interview call. If you don’t get a call right away, don’t worry. You can follow up with them after two weeks to remind. If you don’t hear back from them within that time, don’t despair. You will get the job you want.

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